SBI: E-mail Distribution Lists

If you are interested in the subsurface biosphere, you are welcome to join one of our e-mail distribution lists. Their purpose is to announce events, meetings, new courses, job openings, etc. as well as to foster discussion in our field. There are separate lists for students and faculty/staff/professionals so that messages can be directed to the right community. For example, job announcements may only be appropriate for the student list while seminar announcements may be appropriate for both students and faculty/staff/professionals. Follow the links below to join the lists:

To send a message to a list, write to the addresses below:

  • To send a message to faculty/staff/professionals only: sbi_faculty<at>
  • To send a message to students only: sbi_students<at>

You can remove yourself from the distribution lists anytime, by clicking on the sign up links above and following the instructions at the bottom of the page.