OSU Publications from 2005-2011 Related to the Subsurface Biosphere

The following publications were identified through searches of the Web of Science, Toxline, Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management, PubMed, Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts, and Google Scholar; or were submitted by the author. At least one author on each publication is affiliated with Oregon State University. If you have publications to add to this list or see an error, please email sbi@oregonstate.edu .

This list was last updated May 2012.

Publications from 2012

Chong, Lauren S.; Prokopenko, Maria G.; Berelson, William M.; Townsend-Small, Amy; McManus, James. 2012.  Nitrogen cycling within suboxic and anoxic sediments from the continental margin of Western North America. Marine Chemistry 128   p. 13-25 OSU author: McManus

Grace, Peter R.; Antle, John A.; Aggarwal, P. K.; Ogle, Stephen; Paustian, Keith; Basso, Bruno. 2012.   Soil carbon sequestration and associated economic costs for farming systems of the Indo-Gangetic Plain: A meta-analysis Agricultural Ecosystems and Environment, 146 (1)  137-146. OSU author: Antle

Jennings, Tara N.; Smith, Jane E.; Cromack, Kermit, Jr.; Sulzman, Elizabeth W.; McKay, Donaraye, Caldwell, Bruce A., Beldin, Sarah I. 2012.  Impact of postfire logging on soil bacterial and fungal communities and soil biogeochemistry in a mixed-conifer forest in central Oregon. Plant and Soil  350  (1-2) 393-411. OSU authors: Jennings, Cromack, Sulzman, Caldwell

Yan, Guiping; Smiley, Richard W.; Okubara, Patricia A. 2012.  Detection and Quantification of Pratylenchus thornei in DNA Extracted from Soil Using Real-Time PCR.  Phytopathology 102 (1 )  14-22. OSU authors: Yan, Smiley

Vajrala, Neeraja; Sayavedra-Soto, Luis A.; Bottomley, Peter J.; Arp, Daniel J. 2012. Global analysis of the Nitrosomonas europaea iron starvation stimulon. Archives of Microbiology  194 (4)  305-313 OSU authors: all

Publications from 2011

Sierra, Carlos A.; Harmon, Mark E.; Perakis, Steven S. 2011.  Decomposition of heterogeneous organic matter and its long-term stabilization in soils  Ecological Monographs 81 (4)   619-634 OSU authors:  Sierra, Harmon

Richter Daniel deB; Bacon Allan R.; Mobley Megan L.; et al. 2011.  Human-Soil Relations are Changing Rapidly: Proposals from SSSA's Cross-Divisional Soil Change Working Group. Soil Science Society of America Journal 75 (6)  2079-2084 OSU author: Lajtha

Paszczynski Andrzej J.; Paidisetti Ravindra; Johnson Andrew K.; et al. 2011.  Proteomic and targeted qPCR analyses of subsurface microbial communities for presence of  methane monooxygenase Biodegradation 22 (6) 1045-1059. OSU author: Colwell

Schmidt Michael W. I.; Torn Margaret S.; Abiven Samuel; et al. 2011.  Persistence of soil organic matter as an ecosystem property  Nature  478 (7367) 49-56. OSU author:  Kleber

Porter Mark L.; Valdes-Parada Francisco J.; Wood Brian D. 2011.  Multiscale modeling of chemotaxis in homogeneous porous media Water Resources Research 47 . OSU authors: Porter, Wood

Kluber Laurel A.; Smith Jane E.; Myrold David D. 2011.  Distinctive fungal and bacterial communities are associated with mats formed by ectomycorrhizal fungi Soil Biology & Biochemistry 43 (5) 1042-1050. OSU authors: Kluber, Myrold

Davit Y.; Iltis G.; Debenest G.; et al. 2011.  Imaging biofilm in porous media using X-ray computed microtomography Journal of Microscopy 242 (1) 15-25 OSU author: Iltis, Wildenschild

Nachshon Uri; Weisbrod Noam; Dragila Maria I.; et al. 2011.  Combined evaporation and salt precipitation in homogeneous and heterogeneous porous media Water Resources Research 47 (Article W03513) OSU author: Dragila

Vajrala Neeraja; Sayavedra-Soto Luis A.; Bottomley Peter J.; et al.  2011.  Role of a Fur homolog in iron metabolism in Nitrosomonas europaea  BMC Microbiologhy 11 (37). OSU authors: all

Myrold David D.; Pett-Ridge Jennifer; Bottomley Peter J. 2011.  Nitrogen Mineralization and Assimilation at Millimeter Scales. Editor(s): Klotz MG; Stein LY  PT B  Book Series: Methods in Enzymology  496 p. 91-114 OSU authors:all

Radniecki Tyler S.; Lauchnor Ellen G.  2011.  Investigating Nitrosomonas europaea Stress Biomarkers in Batch, Continuous Culture, and Biofilm Reactors PT B Book Series: Methods in Enzymology 496 p.217-246 OSU authors: all

Sierra C. A.; Harmon M. E.; Thomann E.; et al. 2011.  Amplification and dampening of soil respiration by changes in temperature variability Biogeosciences 8 (4) 951-961 OSU authors: Sierra, Harmon

Sayavedra-Soto Luis A.; Vajrala Neeraja; Arp Daniel J.  2011.  Dissecting Iron Uptake and Homeostasis in Nitrosomonas europaea Book Series: Methods in Enzymology  486  p. 403-428  OSU authors: all

Sayavedra-Soto Luis A.; Stein Lisa Y. 2011. Genetic Transformation of Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria Book Series: Methods in Enzymology 486 p. 389-402   OSU authors: all

Skantar A. M.; Handoo Z. A.; Zasada I. A.; Ingham, R. E.; Carta, L. K.; Chitwood, D. J. 2011.  Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Globodera Populations from Oregon and Idaho Phytopathology 101 (4) 480-491. OSU author: Ingham

Yin Jun; Haggerty Roy; Stoliker Deborah L.;  Kent, Douglas B.; Istok, Jonathan; Greskowiak, Janek;  Zachara, John M. 2011.  Transient groundwater chemistry near a river: Effects on U(VI) transport in laboratory column experiments Water Resources Research 47. OSU authors: Haggerty, Istok

Thorpe Andrea S.; Callaway, Ragan M. 2011.  Biogeographic differences in the effects of Centaurea stoebe on the soil nitrogen cycle: novel weapons and soil microbes Biological Invasions 13 (6) 1435-1445. OSU author: Thorpe

Bertagnolli, A. D.; Treusch, A. H.; Mason, O. U.; Stingl, U.; Vergin, K. L.; Chan, F.; Beszteri, B.; Giovannoni, S. J. 2011.  Bacterial diversity in the bottom boundary layer of the inner continental shelf of Oregon, USA.  Aquatic Microbial Ecology 64 (1): 15-25. OSU authors: Mason, Giovannoni

Argerich, Alba; Marti, Eugenia; Sabater, Francesc; Haggerty, Roy; Ribot, Miquel. 2011.  Influence of transient storage on stream nutrient uptake based on substrata manipulation.  Aquatic Sciences 73 (3): 365-376. OSU author: Haggerty

Warren, Jeffrey M.; Brooks, J. Renee; Dragila, Maria I.; Meinzer, Frederick C. 2011.  In situ separation of root hydraulic redistribution of soil water from liquid and vapor transport.  Oecologia 166 (4): 899-911. OSU author: Dragila

Bidartondo, Martin I.; Read, David J.; Trappe, James M.; Merckx, Vincent; Ligrone, Roberto; Duckett, Jeffrey G. 2011.  The dawn of symbiosis between plants and fungi.Biology Letters 7 (4): 574-577. OSU author: Trappe

Rau, Benjamin M.; Johnson, Dale W.; Blank, Robert R.; Tausch, Robin J.; Roundy, Bruce A.; Miller, Richard F.; Caldwell, Todd G.; Lucchesi, Annmarie. 2011. Woodland expansion's influence on belowground carbon and nitrogen in the Great BasinUS Journal of Arid Environments 75 (9): 827-835l. OSU author: Miller

Kovacs, Gabor M.; Trappe, James M.; Alsheikh, Abdulmagid M.; Hansen, Karen; Healy, Rosanne A.; Vagi, Pal. 2011. Terfezia disappears from the American truffle mycota as two new genera and Mattirolomyces species emerge. Mycologia 103 (4): 831-840. OSU authors: Trappe

Creed, Irena F.; Sass, Gabor Z.; Buttle, Jim M.; Jones, Julia A. 2011. Hydrological principles for sustainable management of forest ecosystems. Hydrological Processes 25 (13): 2152-2160. OSU authors: Jones

Brantley SL, Megonigal, JP, Scatena, FN, Balogh-Brunstad Z, Barnes RT, Bruns, MA, van Cappelen, P, Dontsova, K, Hartnett H, Hartshorn T, Heimsath A, Herndon E, Jin L, Keller CK, Leake JR, McDowell WH, Meinzer FC, Mozder T, Petsch S, Pett-Ridge J, Raymond P, Riebe CS, Shumaker K, Sutton-Grier A, Walter R, and Yoo K.  2011. Twelve testable hypotheses on the geobiology of weatheringGeobiology 9(2):140-165.  OSU authors: Pett-Ridge

Colwell, F, Schwartz, A, Briggs, B. 2011. Microbial community distribution in sediments from the Mount Elbert Gas Hydrate Stratigraphic Test Well, Alaska North Slope. Marine and Petroleum Geology 28(2) 404:410. OSU authors: all

Cross, A.; Perakis, S.S. 2011. Tree species and soil nutrient profiles in old-growth forests of the Oregon Coast Range. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 41(1):195-210. OSU authors: Cross, Perakis (courtesy)

Hogberg, P, Johannisson, C, Yarwood S, Callesen I, Nasholm T, Myrold DD, Hogberg MN. 2011. Recovery of ectomycorrhiza after 'nitrogen saturation' of a conifer forest. New Phytologist 189(2):515-525. OSU authors: Yarwood, Myrold

Kleber M, Nico PS, Plante A, Filley T, Kramer M, Swanston C, Sollins P. 2011. Old and stable soil organic matter is not necessarily chemically recalcitrant: implications for modeling concepts and temperature sensitivity. Global Change Biology 17(2):1097-1107. OSU authors: Kleber, Sollins

Lauchnor EG, Radniecki TS, and Semprini L. 2011. Inhibition and gene expression of Nitrosomonas europaea  biofilms exposed to phenol and toluene. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 108 (4): 750-757. OSU authors: all

Radniecki TS,  Gilroy C, and Semprini L. 2011. Linking NE1545 expression with cell volume changes in Nitrosomonas europaea cells exposed to aromatic hydrocarbons. Chemosphere, 82:514-520. OSU authors: all


Publications from 2010

Appuhamillage, TA, Bokil VA, Thomann E, Waymire E, Wood BD.  2010.  Solute transport across an interface: A Fickian theory for skewness in breakthrough curves. Water Resources Research. 46(7).

Azizian, MF, Marshall IPG, Behrens S, Spormann AM, Semprini L.  2010.  Comparison of lactate, formate, and propionate as hydrogen donors for the reductive dehalogenation of trichloroethene in a continuous-flow column. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. 113(1-4):77-92.

Chaia, EE, Myrold, DD, 2010. Variation of N-15 natural abundance in leaves and nodules of actinorhizal shrubs in Northwest Patagonia. Symbiosis 50 (1-2): 97-105.

Conrad, ME, Brodie EL, Radtke CW, Bill M, Delwiche ME, Lee HM, Swift DL, Colwell FS.  2010.  Field Evidence for Co-Metabolism of Trichloroethene Stimulated by Addition of Electron Donor to Groundwater. Environmental Science & Technology. 44(12):4697-4704.

Currie, W. S., M. E. Harmon, I. C. Burke, S. C. Hart, W. J. Parton, and W. Silver. 2010. Cross-biome transplants of plant litter show decomposition models extend to a broader climatic range but lose predictability at the decadal time scale. Global Change Biology 16 (6):1744-1761.

Dossa, E. L., S. Diedhiou, J. E. Compton, K. B. Assigbetse, and R. P. Dick. 2010. Spatial patterns of P fractions and chemical properties in soils of two native shrub communities in Senegal. Plant and Soil 327 (1-2):185-198.

Feaga, J. B., J. S. Selker, R. P. Dick, and D. D. Hemphill. 2010. Long-Term Nitrate Leaching Under Vegetable Production with Cover Crops in the Pacific Northwest. Soil Science Society of America Journal 74 (1):186-195.

Griffiths, R. P., A. N. Gray, and T. A. Spies. 2010. Soil Properties in Old-growth Douglas-fir Forest Gaps in the Western Cascade Mountains of Oregon. Northwest Science 84 (1):33-45.

Hassan, K. A., A. Johnson, B. T. Shaffer, Q. H. Ren, T. A. Kidarsa, L. D. H. Elbourne, S. Hartney, R. Duboy, N. C. Goebel, T. M. Zabriskie, I. T. Paulsen, and J. E. Loper. 2010. Inactivation of the GacA response regulator in Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf-5 has far-reaching transcriptomic consequences. Environmental Microbiology 12 (4):899-915.

Istok, J. D., M. Park, M. Michalsen, A. M. Spain, L. R. Krumholz, C. Liu, J. McKinley, P. Long, E. Roden, A. D. Peacock, and B. Baldwin. 2010. A thermodynamically-based model for predicting microbial growth and community composition coupled to system geochemistry: Application to uranium bioreduction. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 112 (1-4):1-14.

Janssens, I. A., W. Dieleman, S. Luyssaert, J. A. Subke, M. Reichstein, R. Ceulemans, P. Ciais, A. J. Dolman, J. Grace, G. Matteucci, D. Papale, S. L. Piao, E. D. Schulze, J. Tang, and B. E. Law. 2010. Reduction of forest soil respiration in response to nitrogen deposition. Nature Geoscience 3 (5):315-322.

Kayler, Z. E., E. W. Sulzman, W. D. Rugh, A. C. Mix, and B. J. Bond. 2010. Characterizing the impact of diffusive and advective soil gas transport on the measurement and interpretation of the isotopic signal of soil respiration. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 42 (3):435-444.

Kleber, M., and M. G. Johnson. 2010. Advances in Understanding the Molecular Structure of Soil Organic Matter: Implications for Interactions in the Environment Advances in Agronomy, Vol 106 106:77-142.

Lajtha, K, Jones J.  2010.  Comment on ‘Kane et al. 2008. Precipitation control over inorganic nitrogen import-export budgets across watersheds: a synthesis of long-term ecological research. Ecohydrology 1(2): 105-117’. Ecohydrology.

Lee, J. H., M. Dolan, J. Field, and J. Istok. 2010. Monitoring Bioaugmenation with Single-Well Push-Pull Tests in Sediment Systems Contaminated with Trichloroethene. Environmental Science & Technology 44 (3):1085-1092.

Li, J. W., X. Shang, Z. X. Zhao, R. L. Tanguay, Q. X. Dong, and C. J. Huang. 2010. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water, sediment, soil, and plants of the Aojiang River waterway in Wenzhou, China. Journal of Hazardous Materials 173 (1-3):75-81.

McFarlane, K. J., S. H. Schoenholtz, R. F. Powers, and S. S. Perakis. 2010. Soil Organic Matter Stability in Intensively Managed Ponderosa Pine Stands in California. Soil Science Society of America Journal 74 (3):979-992.

Phillips, C. L., N. Nickerson, D. Risk, Z. E. Kayler, C. Andersen, A. Mix, and B. J. Bond. 2010. Soil moisture effects on the carbon isotope composition of soil respiration. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 24 (9):1271-1280.

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Sabalowsky, AR, Semprini, L. 2010. Trichloroethene and cis-1,2-Dichloroethene Concentration-Dependent Toxicity Model Simulates Anaerobic Dechlorination at High Concentrations. II: Continuous Flow and Attached Growth Reactors. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 107 (3): 540-549.

Sayavedra-Soto, L. A., B. Gvakharia, P. J. Bottomley, D. J. Arp, and M. E. Dolan. 2010. Nitrification and degradation of halogenated hydrocarbons-a tenuous balance for ammonia-oxidizing bacteria. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 86 (2):435-444.

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Wood, BD.  2010.  Reply to comment by Philippe Baveye on“The role of scaling laws in upscaling”. Advances in Water Resources. 33(1):125-127.


Publications from 2005 through 2009

Azizian, M. F., S. Behrens, A. Sabalowsky, M. E. Dolan, A. M. Spormann, and L. Semprini. 2008. Continuous-flow column study of reductive dehalogenation of PCE upon bioaugmentation with the Evanite enrichment culture. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 100:11-21.

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