November 2005

Welcome members of the OSU community interested in the Subsurface Biosphere Education and Research Initiative (SBI)! You have expressed interest in the SBI and we wanted to alert you to the initiative's newly lauched website and e-mail lists and introduce you to some of the features of each:

SBI Website

The website is located at: .  Its goal is to inform the OSU community about the initiative, as well providing a means of conveying information about events and topics of interest.  Some of the site's features include:

  • A faculty list --  We have taken the liberty of including faculty who have expressed interest in the SBI on this list.  Please pass this message along if you see faculty who are missing and would like to be added. 
  • A calendar -- We will update this regularly and you will find, for example, announcements of seminars on campus related to topics on the subsurface biosphere.  Faculty and student are invited to e-mail us with news and events of interest (send announcements to
  • A section on education --  We have listed “Degree Programs” that have a component related to the subsurface biosphere, as well as specific OSU courses.  It would be great to get feedback on this list so that we can refine it.
  • Finally, we plan to have periodic web feature stories that highlight OSU research related to the subsurface biosphere.  We are currently asking faculty for ideas for future articles.  If you have a publication that will soon come out, please let us know and we can time a feature story to coincide with the publication's release.< 

SBI E-mail List

If you received this message, you have been added to an SBI e-mail distribution list. We hope these e-mail lists will become a forum for faculty and students to communicate about events, meetings, new courses, and job openings related to the subsurface biosphere. There are separate lists for students and faculty so that messages can be directed to the right community. For example, job announcements may only be appropriate for the student list while seminar announcements may be appropriate for both students and faculty.  Instructions for sending an e-mail to the lists as well as information on how to sign up is on the website at: .  Please forward this message to others who might like to join.  

We hope that this website and e-mail list will be of use to SBI faculty and students and provide a means of communication. We look forward to input on how we can improve the website and to productive years towards building a Center of Excellence and Subsurface Biosphere Education and Research.


Lew Semprini, Chair of the SBI Executive Committee

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