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August 2011
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SBI Hosting Intern Poster Session

Photo of previous intern.This year more than 25 undergraduates will work in the field and in OSU laboratories on projects related to the subsurface biosphere. This is the sixth year of a paid internship program that gives students first-hand experiences studying microbes that live underground in soils, sediments and groundwater.  

The SBI Undergraduate Intern Poster Session is Thursday, September 1, 2:30-4:30, MU 109. Save the date for this rewarding session where SBI interns share their summer research experiences.

Upcoming Events

Friday, August 5 - Saturday, August 6. Oregon Society of Soil Scientists Klamath County Tour. Join us as we traipse about Klamath County and learn about restoration in the Sprague River, peat wetlands adjacent Agency Lake, diatomaceous materials in meadows and marshes, Klamath County history, and a soil in the Mt. Thielsen Wilderness Area that is not to be missed! More details and register online at Held at Sun Mountain Ranch, Fort Klamath, OR. 

Sunday, September 11 - Friday, September 16. 8th International Symposium of Subsurface Microbiology. Abstracts due May 14, 2011. Held at Bavarian Alps (Garmisch-Partenkirchen).

Tuesday, September 13 - Wednesday, September 14. 2nd Annual Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference. The conference, sponsored by PNW research institutions and federal and state government agencies, aims to stimulate a place-based (rather than discipline-based) exchange of information about emerging climate, climate impacts, and climate adaptation science in the PNW. The conference will also include time for presentation of emerging policy and management goals, objectives, and information needs related to climate impacts and adaptation. Held at Seattle, WA.

Wednesday, September 14 - Friday, September 16. BioMicroWorld 2011. A conference focused on environmental, industrial and applied microbiology. Abstracts due June 9, 2011. Held at Malaga, Spain.

Let others in the SBI community know about your upcoming relevant seminars - email with details.

Conference Information

October 19-22 - World Congress of Environmental Biotechnology-2011: Healthier, Safer and Environmentally Friendly, Dalian, China. Abstracts due August 30, 2011.

Recent SBI-Related Publications

Warren, Jeffrey M.; Brooks, J. Renee; Dragila, Maria I.; Meinzer, Frederick C. 2011.  In situ separation of root hydraulic redistribution of soil water from liquid and vapor transport. Oecologia 166 (4): 899-911. OSU author: Dragila

Bidartondo, Martin I.; Read, David J.; Trappe, James M.; Merckx, Vincent; Ligrone, Roberto; Duckett, Jeffrey G. 2011.  The dawn of symbiosis between plants and fungi.Biology Letters 7 (4): 574-577. OSU author: Trappe

Rau, Benjamin M.; Johnson, Dale W.; Blank, Robert R.; Tausch, Robin J.; Roundy, Bruce A.; Miller, Richard F.; Caldwell, Todd G.; Lucchesi, Annmarie. 2011. Woodland expansion's influence on belowground carbon and nitrogen in the Great BasinUS Journal of Arid Environments 75 (9): 827-835l. OSU author: Miller

Kovacs, Gabor M.; Trappe, James M.; Alsheikh, Abdulmagid M.; Hansen, Karen; Healy, Rosanne A.; Vagi, Pal. 2011. Terfezia disappears from the American truffle mycota as two new genera and Mattirolomyces species emerge. Mycologia 103 (4): 831-840. OSU authors: Trappe

Creed, Irena F.; Sass, Gabor Z.; Buttle, Jim M.; Jones, Julia A. 2011. Hydrological principles for sustainable management of forest ecosystems. Hydrological Processes 25 (13): 2152-2160. OSU authors: Jones

Opportunities for Students

(listed by due date)

2011-2012 WAGS/UMI Innovation in Technology - This award may be given either to a master’s thesis or to a doctoral dissertation for the development of an innovative technology and its utilization for the creative solution of a major problem. The award is $1000. Submission deadline: August 20, 2011.

NSF: Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) 08/24/2011

The Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. Postdoctoral Program in Environmental Chemistry 2011 Funding Opportunity -  The Postdoctoral Program in Environmental Chemistry provides a principal investigator with an award of $120,000 over two years to appoint a Postdoctoral Fellow in environmental chemistry. Example topics include but are not limited to the chemistry associated with: the climate, the atmosphere, aquatic or marine settings, toxicology, soil or groundwater. Contact Martha Coleman, Director of Foundation Relations, OSU Foundation for more information. Application due August 25, 2011.

Think ahead for fall! Many fellowships and post-docs have fall deadlines. The NSF Graduate Research Fellowships page has a thorough list of funding opportunities to check out. Also see Funding opportunities for grad students.

Opportunities for Faculty

   (listed by due date)

August 2011

September 2011

The SBI has funding available for proposal development and maintains a list of external grant opportunities related to the subsurface biosphere.

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