SBI 2006 Summer Workshop

June 18-21, 2006, Newport, Oregon

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OSU's Subsurface Biosphere Initiative (SBI), along with the NSF-funded Earth's Subsurface Biosphere Interdisciplinary Graduate Program, held a scientific workshop in Newport Oregon in June 2006. About 50 people attended. The meeting allowed researchers a chance to exchange information and explore potential research collaborations. Highlights of the meeting included oral presentations by nationally recognized invited speakers and poster sessions where graduate students showcased their work.

Workshop sessions included:

  • Plants as Drivers of Subsurface Processes (session chairs, Dave Myrold and Peter Bottomley)
  • In-Situ Bioremediation of Hazardous Wastes (session chair, Lew Semprini)
  • Global Geochemical Cycles and the Subsurface Biosphere (session chair, Marty Fisk).

The meeting also included discussion sessions about future directions for the Subsurface Biosphere Initiative at OSU.

Poster session.

Naoyuki Ochiai reviews his work during the a poster session at the 2006 SBI Summer Workshop.